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Quick Cost Free Conversion
meetingCompatible with all reader service providers, ensuring a smooth transition. Yes, unlike our competitors, we convert data to ensure reporting continuity.

Processing Flexibility
Each client selects their processing frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, twice monthly or as needed. You may change your schedule from issue to issue if one issue at a time is processed. This is ideal for quarterly publications.

“No Charge” Services
Cards and inquiries edited out, keying statistical data, annual activity reports for archival purposes.

Consulting Support
An account executive is available to assist you in maximizing your programs’ success.

Research & Communication Tools
Conduct surveys, product-of-the-month, purchasing studies, rate articles and more. Use your inquiry card to build a database.

Issue Master Preparation
We can handle the entry and creation of your issue master for a nominal fee or your staff can enter utilizing our webreport package.

Invalid Item Report
Should item numbers be keyed but omitted from the issue master, they will remain in our ‘no hit que” until added into the system. After being added they will be processed automatically with the next update. You can elect to receive emails of all the invalid items.

Pass-along Respondent list
Includes qualifying demographics, a useful circulation tool.

Duplication Elimination process
We suppress your advertisers’ labels when a reader requests multiple items from one advertiser. Our system prints only one label but reports all of the items the reader requested.

Certification of Inquiry Leads
We C.A.S.S certify all outgoing leads. The system assigns a Zip + four to every address that is valid to ensure the advertisers receive the cleanest address possible.

** Custom Reports & Services are available upon the client’s request. **