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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Your Internet Reporting Solution

webReport eliminates any reader service limitation. It provides you real time reporting, 24-hour access to your reader service data and much-much more. Access lead counts, view respondents, create custom reports, retrieve past leads and e-mail them directly to your client. You can also assign passwords to both your support staff and advertisers to access webReport.

Not only will it allow you to have access to your data, but you can also do all your reader service maintenance using webReport. Create your issue master, update your advertisers and transfer, add or delete issue items.


    • View lead counts.
    • View Respondents with demographics.
    • Create your own lead retrievals.
    • Create your issue master online.
    • Maintain all your reader service advertiser & item changes online.
    • Substantially reduces the time it takes to create your issue master and support your program.
    • No more faxes, e-mails or phone calls to make changes.
    • Allow advertisers to view and download their leads online.