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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Our software (RTCM) provides our clients 24 x 7 access to their audience database. We are in a “real time” environment, unlike most of our competitors.

Real time allows you to manage your circulation in a much more efficient way because you are working off of real numbers, not static numbers from 25 days ago.

Here is what you can do with our Real Time Circulation Manager (RTCM):

    • Reader Look-ups - Look up readers by Sub Id, Unit Id, company, individual name, email address, telephone number, zip code or country and view all their circulation statistics.
    • Report Queries – Create a report based on any criteria that you select – i.e. Demographic, Geo by state, country, zip, SCF or Zip/SCF ranges, then you choose how to cross hatch the data. You can print or E-mail your matrix page. Display Last matrix option will store your last matrix in cache for quick access. In addition, you have the ability to E-mail the readers you selected to yourself or a client.
    • Select Queries– You can quickly select data based on any criteria and email files. When you go to send your file you can:
        • Nth to a specific quantity
        • Include a mail stop code to trace the misuse of list rentals
        • Add a key code
        • Include seeds
        • Customize the file layout
    • Reader Maintenance - All data is entered via the Internet, eliminating the batch transaction environment. View your live database 24x7 by clicking on “Real Time File Count”. This allows you constant access to view the site activity. The system reports all adds, changes, deletes, renewals and internet re-verifications as they happen – to help you meet your goals and monitor your production.
    • Advertiser Prospect Management (APM) – This system is quite unique in that each name is assigned to a territory. Only that territory can Add, Change or Delete a name making each sales person responsible for his or her own file. These names are aged monthly and within an (18) month period all names must be reviewed by the sales staff. The system automatically sends an E-mail of potential expires to the sales rep for their review – making this file once again a cost effective endeavor.
    • Subscription Center - Our online Subscription site links directly into your Circulation database. This provides you up to the second numbers from any campaigns or visitors. Your readers/prospects can visit the site to add, change, delete or re-qualify their subscriptions. We also have a pass along reader function to increase your readership.